Swiss Arms Leupold Mark 4 CQT Scope (1-4x20)

- Length 268 mm

- Weight 770 g /

- Illuminated reticle

- 7 brightness levels

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139,00 €


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Swiss Arms sniper scope that has 4 rails on it that allows you to add and customize your gun more than ever before.

  • Can zoom between Four modes
  • Comes with 2 AAA Batteries
  • The scope can be adjusted in elevation and windage. The side adjustment concerns elevation.
  • Removable and adjustable rails (x6)
  • 2 lens covers held with two bungee strings.


This is a very well made scope for the money. Not to mention quite unique. The ability to mount lasers, iron sights, reflex sights ect. is limitless as the scope features SIX 20mm rails on its body, all of which are removable by two allen bolts if not needed. This is a dream for snipers how just don't have the space for accessories on their rifle.
The magnification is adjustable between 1x and 4x magnification, perfect for Airsoft engagement distances. The tumbler that controls the adjustment is fairly, but not too stiff, allowing for very fine setting of magnification.
Fully Windage and Elevation adjustable as you would expect from and scope. Also has a settable illumination option for the reticule but instead of lighting up the whole view window like most scopes, only the aim-off / mil-dots will light up allowing a much clearer and unobstructed view window.
The setting for this is controlled by a rubberised on/off, and two illumination setting, up/down buttons. Which we have not seen on a scope yet.

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