MADBULL Tracer Unit Gemtech Blackside - Black

- Gemtech Blackside style tracer unit

- Tracer silencers light up fluorescent BBs that can be seen during night games

- 14 mm Counterclock Wise threading

- Weight: 190 gr

- Length: 180 mm

- Uses 3xAAA batteries

- Metal construction

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109,00 €


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The MadBull tracer is totally different from other tracers in the market. It is designed from scratch. Max. light up 35 BB/ SEC Fits for 14mm Anti-Clockwise Thread. This Tracer applying New modern technology, such as“Low power consumption”, “energy saving”, “light up more BB per second”, “USB Cable”. When turned activated (via the external switch), firing a BB through the Tracer will automatically trigger a very short, very bright flash of light on the inside.

When using rechargeable batteries, you can use the USB cable to charge them inside the Tracer (having removed the outer shell). Be careful not to charge for more then 6 hours as that can overcharge the battery which is dangerous.

Do not to charge non-rechargeable batteries and that is very dangerous too. Shooting LUMINOUS 6mm Bullets in night game. Metal Constructed Barrel Piece. Operated by 3 x AAA or Rechargeable AAA batteries (not included)

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