FN Herstal FN40GL-L 40mm Grenade Launcher

- Material: Metal/Plastics

- RIS mounted

- Caliber: 40 mm

- Capacity: 1 Grenade

- Length: 420 mm

- Weight: 1100 gr

- Power: Depends on the grenade

- Black colour

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- Fast Assembly and Disassembly

- The FN40GL-L grenade launcher attaches to the lower rail of the FN SCAR®-L rifle and locks rapidly with two throw levers allowing fast assembly and disassembly of the weapon.

- Automatic Ejection and Easy Chamber Inspection

- The FN40GL-L grenade launcher features a forward and side opening barrel system.

- The forward opening allows the automatic extraction and ejection of the grenade case whilst the side opening of the barrel allows easy chamber inspection and use of long grenades.

- Optimized Ergonomics and Handling

- The trigger of the rifle and the trigger of the grenade launcher are accessible without changing the position of the hand.

- High Accuracy

- A leaf sight attached to the upper rail of the rifle guarantees accurate firing of the grenade launcher.

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