GSG 5 type MP5 Semi / Full Auto Electric

- 2x magazine
- cleaning rod
- silencer
- user guide
- baterie 7,2V/350mAh
- charger

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GENERAL INFO: Operation: electric operated Shooting mode: semi, full auto Caliber: BB 6mm

GUN BODY AND BARREL INFO: Weight: 1,300 kg Length: 59 / 73 cm Barrel lenght: 13 cm

Body construction: plastic Real marking: partially Grip and stock: plastic Barrel: standard Barrel material: aluminum Hop-up: adjustable Hop-up T material: plastic

GEARBOX AND MOTOR INFO: Gearbox version (shape): special Gearbox material: plastic

MAGAZINE INFO: Capacity: 150 / 20 shots Version: hi-capacity

ACCESSORIES INFO: Battery voltage: 7,2V Battery shape: Plug: special Plug polarity (+/-): standard Battery space in: foregrip

Silencer mount: 14mm clockwise R.I.S. mount / system: yes

OPERATION INFO: Life time declared: 2.000 shots Recommended BB weight: 0,12 g Shooting speed: 53 m/s (BB 0,20 g)

PACKAGE CONTAIN: gun, 2x magazine, cleaning rod, silencer, user guide, baterie 7,2V/350mAh, charger.


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