Black Bear Raider Mesh Mask (Ghost)

- Color - Black
- Weight - 450g
- Size - Adjustable

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- Made by high grade low carbon steel mesh, steel strength is superior to other simular masks.
- Compatible with lots of goggles and glasses.
- Fabric edges with A-class fabric quality.
- Offer well mouth, nose and ears protection with cool look.
- Ballistic Protection: Approx. 600 FPS with 6mm 0.20g BB.
- Powder coated paint that is harmless to the skin and non-toxic which is industrially processed at extreme high heats as +230°C.
- Adhesives used: Glue that is non-toxic and has melting point of +90°C with resistance to heat more than +40°C.
- 2 adjustable elastic strap.
- Soft padding inside.
- One size fit all.
- Suggested to use with goggle for best protection.
- Perfect for airsoft war game activities.

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