SHS Polycarbonate Piston (15 Steel Teeth)

- Polycarbonate (trade name lexan) construction for maximum strength and low weight
- 15 steel teeth
- Recommended for very high fps setups or for maximum durability
- Every tooth is steel including the pickup tooth
- The last tooth is missing to solve AOE problems
- Can be used with stock piston heads (nut lock hole included)
- Piston mass 15.5 grams (0.547 oz)

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This is a polycarbonate (polycarb) piston made by Super Shooter. Polycarbonate is an extremely strong and shock resistant plastic most commonly known for it's use in bullet resistant glass. This piston is much stronger than the stock nylon pistons and has 15 steel teeth (all of them) rather than the stock 1 for much increased strength and durability. This piston is recommended for setups running stiffer than stock springs and higher fps or those who want maximum durability. This piston does have the small hole that some stock piston heads use to tighten the nut so you can use your stock piston head. This piston also is missing the last tooth before the pickup tooth, this is solves the AOE (angle of engagement) problem.

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