Magpul PTS PRS Carbine Stock - Foliage Green

- MAGPUL PTS Precision Rifle/Sniper (PRS) Buttstock - Foliage Green

- Metal knobs (click wheel) allow precision-adjustable for both cheek riser height and length-of- pull

- Picatinny style bottom rail for mono-pod use

- Removable Sling Loops can be installed either side

- Rubber Buttpad

- Buffer Tube allows wiring and Battery Storage

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The Magpul® PTS PRS™ (Precision Rifle / Sniper) is a drop-in, precision-adjustable butt stock for rifles.

PTS Airsoft Version for M4/M16 Series Compatible Airsoft Rifle Gun


- Fit Airsoft AEG Receiver only

- Machined aluminum adjustment knobs with positive locking click detentes to maintain position under recoil and allows easy, tool-less adjustments by simply rotating the knobs

- Rubber butt pad to prevent slippage against combat gears

- Bottom Picatinny-type rail allows for monopod use, additional sling mounts or storage

- Sling Mounts

- Front / Rear - 1.25” Sling loops (Left-Right Reversible)


Full Length: 10.45 ~ 11.45 inch Lop Adj: ~39 Clicks (0.026 inch / click) Max: 1inch Cheek Height Adj: ~29 Clicks (0.026 inch / click) Max: 0.75inch

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2016-05-20 Daniel P. Review Arrived today, got mounted and it's brilliant, beside the color that isn't what I need lol, got painted. Overall it's brilliant, does what it's made for. Extremely customizable. I really can't find any draw back, only that it's extremely hard to find. :)

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