Magnifier Angle Scope 3x25 w/ QD Mount

- Prism device allows viewing around the corner and stay behind cover

- Rotary lens housing moves angular view to any direction for the ease of use

- 3x magnification, 25 mm lens

- 30mm QD Twist Mount included, centerline approx. 30mm above rail

- Fits 20mm rails

- Weight: 200 gr

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Mounted behind a sight or scope, allowing the player to safely look around either right or left-hand corners, up staircases or down tunnels from almost any angle. Since it does not affect the sight’s point of impact, it can easily be passed from one player to another using the QD Mount. The compound optics contained in this gives the player a true image, not the distorted mirror image found in some reflective devices currently being offered on the market. The 3x magnification makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor playing fields.

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